Mid-Cornwall Campsite - Drummers Lodge

Drummers Lodge can be found near "Scredda", St Austell.

Take the A30 all the way to the "Victoria" junction. (On the new bit of by-pass, past the old Iron Bridge)  Come off the main road and go right and head back on yourself towards "Victoria".  Go past the fuel station and take the next left turn.  Go around the bends, over the hump back bridge and into "Roche".  Take the first exit on the round-a-bout and head up the hill.  Go over the next little round-a-bout (second exit) and head towards St Austell / Eden Project.  Stay on this road for about 4 miles.  You will come to a big round-a-bout, go straight on (second exit) and head for St Austell. A391.  Keep going until you get to a double round-a-bout, go right on the first and straight on, on the second one.  You will come onto the new "Distributor Road". Go past the "Premier Inn" and the "Brewery Fayre" restaurant and take a right at the next round-a-bout, signposted for "Scredda" and take the second left turn - "Drummer's Hill".  Go along the flat and then bear around to your left and head down the hill.  "Drummers Campsite" is on this hill, on your left hand side.  There is a small sign post and a "Not easy to see" entrance.

Good Luck!

If you want to use Google Maps for directions, click here!  Type in "Scredda", that'll take you just up the road from Drummers!